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MCL MOY President
Polly Weidenkopf
2013 MOY

Causes for Rejection

      Most common reasons nominations are rejected:

  • 1. Required signatures are missing.

  • 2. Recommendation not approved by the majority vote at a regular meeting of the detachment or not so stated in the proposal.


  • 3. Recommendation not mailed properly: (see instructions)
  •       Refer to Chapter Three, AP, Page 3-4, National Marine of the Year Society, (2) Nominations, items a through e.

          If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me, (972) 480-0309 (Home) or (214) 232-0976 (Cell), or e-mail President of MCL MOTY Society or, you can write me at:

    Polly Weidenkopf
    528 Tiffany Trail
    Richardson, TX 75081-5616

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